School Motto Inscribed
by Premier Wen Jiabao
The Badge of Beijing
Bailie University

  大发快三网址School Motto Inscribed by Premier Wen Jiabao
        In April 12th, 2008, Premier Wen Jiabao inscribed the university motto ‘Hands and mind, create and analyze’ formulated by two great friends of China, Rewi Alley from New Zealand, and George Hogg from Britain who established the Bailie Technical School in Shandan, Gansu Province in early 1940s. Premier Wen also wrote a letter in reply to our students in which he affirmed the success made by the Beijing Bailie University and hoped it would continue progressing. He encouraged all students to study hard to become knowledgeable, skillful, thoughtful, practical, analytical and creative talents with an all round development in moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor education and training, virtually pointing out the way forward for our university.


    Founded in May, 1983, the Beijing Bailie University is one of the earliest non-governmental institutions of higher education officially approved by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, and documented by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It is a full-time vocational college for various professional training, qualified to issue independently diplomas and certificates which are recognized by the state. There are currently more than 7,000 students in total...


  Rewi Alley and the Beijing Bailie University
        Introduction Rewi Alley (1897-1987) is well-known internationally as a writer, poet, educator, and outstanding social activist. Born in New Zealand, he came to China in 1927 and stayed on ever since for 60 years , working and living in China in support of Chinese people’s revolution and socialist contraction. When the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression broke out, he, together with Edagar and Helen Snow, initiated the Gung Ho ( short for Chinese Industrial Cooperatives or CIC) movement to get unemployed workers and refugees organized for production to support the War of Resistance...

  The Badge of Beijing Bailie University
      Taking into account the round badge is more in line with the Chinese aesthetics, therefore Bailie’s school badge marked by circular pattern. The design makes use of the plan of different size of two concentric circles . White is the bottom colour of the intersection part. Upper part of the pattern is the school name with blue bold-face,underside marked in English “Beijing Bailie University” and the year of 1940. Bottom colour of inside circle gradually changes into light blue from dark blue up down. Pattern is the composition of Triones and the light green olive branch in right oblique below. The colour of school badge derives from the colour of the sky, blue bearing a little aqua(short for “Bailie’s Blue”), attaches a moral “Training for the dawn”...  
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